Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Transformers + Street Fighter

Here's what the JLU figures look like right now. I actually have some of the latest 3-packs coming, so it's not my complete collection now, but it's close. I haven't really decided what's going to go on the top shelf yet, so all that stuff up there is just temporary.

On the other hand, this is my complete collection of SOTA Street Fighter Figures. I have one of every character made. (only a few variants here and there). Looking over this collection, it's really a crime that Dee Jay was never released as he would have finished the original 16 World Warriors. Now that Neca has the SF4 license, I've decided to only buy the characters that SOTA didn't make, though looking at how out of scale the Viper is in the picture, I might just ditch that idea too.
It takes forever to open up Transformers, transform them...then transform them back :) After all you have to transform them at least once when you open them... Also never throw away any of your Transformer Instructions. I had to go to youtube several times to figure out how to transform the ones I couldn't figure out. 

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  1. The third and fourth pics from the bottom are duplicates. :)