Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I recently moved into a new house which contained a gigantic room on the ground floor. I've decided to convert this room into a toy display room, which will eventually house all my loose figures. The current plan is display Transformers (various lines), 6" Superheroes (mostly Marvel Legends, DCUC, DC Direct), Justice League Unlimited, and Street Fighter loose on my shelves.

Over the years I've accumulated a lot of toys both loose and in packaging. I plan to open most everything, but in the past when I haven't had room I've kept a lot of toys in package. After pulling everything out of the moving boxes, here are the pics:

Unopened Transformers

Boxes of Loose Toys + Unopened JLU
Unopened 6" Superheroes

Next step: Setup the shelves, and start setting up the loose figures

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